Mail Forwarding Service

Excellent For Online Business Owners, Travelers and RVer’s

Compare Earth Class Mail to Mailbox Forwarding; Review Your Virtual Address Options and Conveniently Read All your Postal Mail Online.

Be sure to do your research before you buy. Read our Comprehensive Overview of the Two Top Companies offering Mail Forwarding Service and Scanning services below, or use this link to see exactly how a  mail forwarding service works.

Click here for our “At a Glance” Comparison Chart of two top Mail Forwarding Services.

Earth Class Mail:

$49.00/month (+ Non-Refundable Set-up Fee)

– 10 document scans/month (up to 20 pages, both sides)

Earth Class Mail On their site there is this note by the number of pieces “(incl. envelope images”). I’m not completely sure what that means but if you decide to check out their mail forwarding risk free trial offer, be sure to get complete information on exactly what is included in the 10 scans (envelopes, all content, or both?) Due to their higher charges, we prefer “The Mailbox Forwarding Company” (unless you want an address in a specific state. Earth Class Mail does have a better selection of addresses to choose from – prices vary depending on what state the address is in.

Visit Earth Class Mail Here


Mailbox Forwarding:

$14.95/month Basic Virtual Mailbox Service (No Set-up fee)

50 pieces a month can be received with envelopes scanned
– 10 content scans/month

Will scan the entire envelope contents. You will get 10 entire pieces of mail scanned per month (complete contents – not just 10 pages). You can view 50 envelope scans and then decide if you want to have the contents scanned. Fifty envelopes should be enough for almost everyone because even if you think you get more at your residence now – if you look closely at the mail you receive, you may find that a lot of “business bulk mail” and shopping ads come in that you currently just throw away. This bulk mail will not make it to your Virtual Mailbox Service because it is not forwarded by the post office, and you wouldn’t be using your virtual address for these types of deliveries.

That being said, really think about how many pieces of mail you actually open and SAVE when while you compare mail forwarding services. Your decision on which Company to select will depend on  – how much mail you get, verses how much you throw away without opening. Thinking this through will help you make a better decision on how many content scans you will require each month.

Who Uses the Service?

There are many people today who travel a lot either for business or pleasure and they would like to get their mail from wherever they are. After all, we have online access to almost everything else we do, so why not our postal mail?

Now there is something for travelers and online business people who want the ability to have a virtual mailbox with new mail scanning technologically. These are advanced companies that scan your mail and put it online for you to review.

How Has The Service Evolved?

Originally, there was only mail forwarding offered through the USPS. So every time you went out of town, you had to go into the Post Office and fill out a form to have your mail sent to you wherever you were. This was not convenient at all for those who were on the road a lot, or for those in RV’s who moved around a lot.

And that’s when someone had the idea that just maybe postal mail (or snail mail as we like to call it), could be scanned and images put online to view. Almost everyone was getting used to reading PDF files that were created electronically for reading things online, so this seemed to be the answer to one of the biggest problems travelers faced. And actually, mail scanning does just that – it puts your document into a PDF version so it can be viewed clearly.

Common Service Options

You will have a few decisions to make when selecting or upgrading basic options of the service. Here’s what you should start to thinking about as you review your options.

PO Boxes Online or a Street Address?

When you are setting up your virtual address, you will have the choice of selecting either a PO Box or a Street address. This choice is up to you but remember that some companies have a better selection of Street addresses for you to choose from – and they all come with a different upgrade price tag.


  • The address of the Company selected is usually the one included in the basic charge;
  • A PO Box address will be cheaper than a permanent street address;
  • Street addresses in larger cities are the most expensive.

Charging more for a more sophisticated address is standard process for all companies since larger cities to charge more for mailbox rental and/or office space needed to receive the mail.

Secure Mail Scanning

Mail scanning is the only way companies can offer online mailboxes. Make sure your company has a high quality color scanner so you will feel like you’re reading your mail just as if it came into your home mailbox.

Postal Service Forwarding to Anywhere in the World

You will want to make sure that if you need your actual mail forwarded the company will do that for you at a reasonable cost. This is one area that you may want to compare a little more thoroughly since you probably may not know initially how much actual mail you will want to get your hands on.

Check Deposit Capability

Determine if the company deposits checks that come in the mail or if you will need to have them forwarded to you. This is another consideration to contemplate when you’re reviewing the fees associated with each service. If you have to have checks sent to your location it may be a while before you get them. Most forwarding mail companies do offer this service – unless they only offer package forwarding.

Receive Faxes

It might be a good idea to see if the company you choose can receive faxes. This could come in handy every now and then for urgent matters. These faxes should also be scanned and put into your online mailbox.

Our Recommendation:

For individuals who mainly traveling for business or pleasure and don’t get much mail or have the need to send packages outside of the United States, the Mailbox Forwarding Company might be the best bet. It has a reasonable basic charge that includes plenty of mail scans in the basic service and everything we mentioned above.

However, if you’re a small business owner and would like to choose a prestigious street address and allow a few of your associates to also have an online mailbox, you might be better off going with Earth Class Mail. They have the most address selections available in a variety of cities, and also offer a lower-cost PO Boxes in those cities. The only thing we would warn of is that the upgrades can add a lot to your monthly fee!